David Kennedy

Board Member

Chief Technology Officer
OpStack Inc.

I like to say, “If electricity runs through it, I know how to fix it”.  For the last 25 years I’ve worked in Information Technology, starting at the Helpdesk and moving toward Server Support, Engineering and Architecture. I am currently a partner in a company who primarily does Cloud Computing related projects.

I have one daughter, Jillian (7) and my wife, Skye, and I together have a son, Stephen (5 months). We also have a pet cat named Blanche.

I first came to know Journey of Hope as a client. My first wife (Jillian’s birth mom) passed away in 2018 of a heart attack brought on by years of substance abuse.  I was asked to join the Board in 2022, and although I am a new Board Member, I jumped in to help on the Golf Committee.

In my spare time I enjoy golf, traveling, traveling to play golf, and restoring cars. I also enjoy volunteering, going to concerts, Miami Dolphins games, and arguing politics and sports on social media. My most interesting travel experience was the Galapagos in Ecuador. We left the day before Covid-19 shut down the whole country for several months.